California’s Governor Signs Bill to Allow People Other Than Doctors to Perform Abortion Procedures

Everyone’s trying to cut corners and costs these days, and abortion clinics are no exception.  Fortunately, Governor Jerry Brown has now signed into law a bill that makes it perfectly legal for people other than medical doctors to perform abortions.  Good times for everyone!

We just don't have the resources in California to kill these babies fast enough!
We just don’t have the resources in California to kill these babies fast enough!

Is it as bad as some are making it out to be?  Probably not.  It isn’t like anyone off the street can now perform an abortion.  It is still limited to people that probably are just as good as a doctor, namely nurse practitioners and other such professions that already routinely substitute as doctors, especially in times of need.  And it’s not like it’s an especially risky procedure.  After all, the point is to kill the baby, so how bad can you really mess this up?

Still, I think many people across America that frown on abortion probably see this as a further degree of California’s support for abortion and just the concept that they would work together to pass a law to make it even easier and more accessible is obviously going to ruffle those people’s feathers.

Where do you stand?  Do you think it matters?  Should abortions be limited to doctors only, or are nurses a fine stand-in?  Does this really have any impact on your feelings on the overall issue?