Asteroid TV135 Dangerously Close — Haunting Reminder

NASA is pulling out all the stops to convince everyone that newly discovered 1300-foot wide asteroid TV135 is not going to strike the Earth, despite coming really, really close, at least in astronomical terms.  NASA says there is a 1 in 63,000 chance it could strike the Earth.

What is disturbing is that the asteroid was just discovered on October 8, just days ago by a Russian astronomer.  So, if that chance was much higher, we would still have only found out about it 10 days ago.  The fact that in this day and age, we still can be “snuck up on” by an asteroid that is capable of causing a worldwide calamity if it impacted is disconcerting at best, and it goes to show that for all of our technological capabilities, we still don’t know everything, do we?

And then there is the age old question:  if they knew it was going to hit, would they tell us?

With Comet ISON still out there making waves, it is certainly food for thought.