What’s Worse? Reading the Bible or “Mild Pedophilia?”

Richard Dawkins is an atheist, and he has devoted his life and reputation to making sure that everyone knows it.  To many atheists, he is someone to look up to, someone that thumbs his nose up at popular conventions and refuses to compromise his lack of belief in what he considers to be fictional characters.  To Christians everywhere, he is the manifestation of the enemy.  But what is he to a calm, level-head, normal, everyday person?

So, you ever seen a grown man teach Christianity?
So, you ever seen a grown man teach Christianity?

You know… the kind of person that is not atheist to the point of spitting on people that believe in religion, but still have enough wits about them to question and reason things out for themselves.  People that understand that some people embrace religion, and if they find comfort in that, there’s no particular reason to try to persuade them to adopt your own views, anymore than when atheists chastise them for trying to persuade them to adopt their beliefs.  You know, people that can sit back and say “Hey, it’s America, dammit.”  Our kind of people.

So Dawkins is the “Voice of Atheism” but what he really is lately is the Howard Stern of his field.  He is a shock jock.  He tries to say things that are so outrageous that it causes a stir, gets him more attention, and either boosts his book sales or moves him further to his cause…you know the one, the cause to stop people from having “faith” even though he can’t describe exactly what that is.

Now, his shock jock tactics took it to the next level when he said that teaching your children Christianity is actually worse than “mild pedophilia.”  That’s his words, not ours.

What is mild pedophilia?  We’re not sure, but what we do know is that Mr. Dawkins knows what it is, has experienced it or doled it out, and has determined its importance versus religious teachings.  We know this, because his whole platform is that no one should ever make statements based on “faith” instead of factual evidence, so we assume, based on his own teachings, that he has sought all of these avenues out and experienced them firsthand (or executed them) in order to develop his own hypothesis based on strong scientific observation and experimentation.

Fondling the genitals softly or talking about Jesus… it’s a tough call, right?

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One thought on “What’s Worse? Reading the Bible or “Mild Pedophilia?””

  1. Professor Dawkins may well have provided us with the clearest answer of all. Instead of writing, “The God Delusion,” he could have simply stated, “I was sexually abused. It was so traumatic that I’ve buried myself in the brain my entire life. God can’t exist because, if He did, why did He let this horrible thing happen to me? There is either no God, or there is a God who allowed me to be sexually victimized and spiritually broken. For that, I hate the SOB.”
    So far into himself that he has disconnected from the Source by which he can heal…I am very heartbroken for Professor Dawkins, I do not minimize what he has suffered one iota (even if he chooses to do so), and I pray in Christ for him.

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