What Happened to the Second Shooter at the Washington Navy Yard? Suspect Fades into “Official Story”

In the aftermath of the shootings at the Washington Navy Yard, many are looking for answers.  Information about the now deceased confirmed shooter will trickle down through the day.  So far, we have been told he is an African American and it is conjectured that he has some personal connection the Navy.  However, throughout the morning, there were conflicting reports about a potential second shooter.  At one point, almost all of the mainstream news networks were reporting there were multiple shooters, and one news organization even said that the second shooter was in a completely different building.

Over the next few days, conspiracy sites will be abuzz with questions about the supposed second shooter.  It is hard to imagine that there could be this much confusion that many hours after the chaos began about how many suspects there were and the general area that they might be in.  Yes, we understand that a lot of facts get mangled up in the confusion surrounding an event like this, but there seemed to be a consensus that there was more than one shooter and now everyone is acting like it never happened.

The mainstream media is not the only sources.  People listening to police scanners also heard talk between various government organizations about a second shooter.  Then, all of a sudden, it all went away.  Was it because they figured out they were wrong?  Well, there have been none, ZERO, reports that any of the scanner exchanges corrected the information or indicated that earlier reports were false.  They simply stopped talking about like it never happened.

Where is the second shooter?  Did he exist?  Why was there so much confusion?  And why is no one upset about the fact that no one is speculating about it in the mainstream media?  Why do we have to flock to conspiracy forums to talk about something that everyone should be questioning?