Washington D.C. on Lockdown? Martial Law Coming for the Nation’s Capital?

A lot of people in conspiracy circles are calling what is happening right now in the areas surrounding the Washington Navy Yard a “lockdown.”  Others say that a martial law declaration is right around the corner as police conduct a massive manhunt for two remaining shooters at large.  This is quite common speculation, and it certainly happened in the aftermath of the manhunt for the Boston bomber.

What has really happened thus far is that authorities have requested that people stay in their homes.  Now, it is a request.  It is voluntary.  People can leave their homes, but it is being recommended that they not do so unless absolutely necessary.  In order to really call this a lockdown, we believe a little higher level of severity is required.  As the manhunt progresses, if police start going door to door or there is any declaration that action will be taken if civilians leave their homes, then we will have a true martial law situation.  For now, it seems fairly reasonable that having people stay where they are is a good course of action.  Supposedly, there are two military-affiliated shooters on the loose, and very little information as to their whereabouts is available to the public.

If this escalates, it may be that we have a true conspiracy here, but for now, a voluntary request hardly constitutes martial law.  But the day is young.  Stay tuned.