VIDEO: Syrian Rebels Execute Children For Supporting Government

Before we go any further on this article, we must stop and give a full warning here.  The video below is very graphic, very disturbing, and we want each and every one of our readers to know what you are getting into before you hit the play button.  The video shows Syrian rebels executing two young children because they continued to support  the Syrian President and the current government.  The video is GRAPHIC.  It does show these children being EXECUTED.  We were unsure of whether it was a good idea or not to share this video with our readers.  On the one hand, we think it’s important for people to realize just how sinister these rebels that the United States government is supporting are.  Much is made of Assad’s crimes against humanity, and while some of these may certainly be true, the rebels that Americans are supporting with weapons and political strategy are not people just fighting against an oppressive government.  They are cold-blooded killers, and even children are not off limits.  On the other hand, we don’t particularly like sharing this because it is disturbing, but ultimately, we came to the conclusion as a staff that you, the reader, should make the final decision on whether you wish to view it or not.