The Sad Reality of the Russia-Syria Victory Over the United States — Cause of Death?

Yes, there is some positivity to the situation.  After all, the agreement that has been struck between the United States, Syria, and Russia does mean that at least for the foreseeable future, the U.S. will not be engaging in a war with Syria.  Also, as far as we lowly civilians can tell, the agreement also means that Assad will at the very least not have access to his arsenal of chemical weapons.  While many in conspiracy circles (including the administrators of Common Sense Conspiracy) still believe that it is overwhelmingly likely that Assad never unleashed this chemical weapons attack at all, still, we concur that it can’t be that bad of a thing if he doesn’t have the capability, false flag operation or not.

We are the champions, my friend!
We are the champions, my friend!

So, what’s the problem?  Americans everywhere were steadfastly against this latest product of the American war-manufacturing machine (the one now headed up by CEO Barack Obama who replaced George W. Bush), and now, they got their wish.  Obama will not unleash an attack on Syria to “punish” Assad.  No one will have to worry about the uncertain repercussions that attack might bring.  No one will have to worry about Obama’s “limited” attack plunging the entire region, and quite possibly the majority of the world, into a bitter war.  There is a problem, though.  A couple of them, actually.  Let’s look at them individually.

1.  The civil war in Syria rages on.  It never stopped.  Even as Obama contemplated this, that, and the other, it never paused for a second.  Even as Obama talked to Congress, the United Nations, and eventually Russia, it raged on.  There was no cease-fire.  No one was sitting around waiting to see what Obama was going to do.  The truth is, no one gave a damn.  They still don’t.  If you an Al Qaeda rebel trying to create as much confusion and chaos in Syria as you can, you might have welcomed an American strike, but in the end, it didn’t change your marching orders.  It certainly didn’t stop Assad.  Everyday on the news we were reminded how many people were killed in these supposed chemical attacks.  If you could see the number of innocent people that were killed each day in that same time period by so-called conventional means, you would see the reality of this problem.  Innocent people are still dying, and being blown to bits by “conventional weapons” may be an internationally-sanctioned form of dying, but it is not anymore noble or pleasant.  We abhor the concept that the manner in which someone dies determines whether it is right or not.  Imagine if we incorporated that way of thinking into everyday life.  Well, as long as you didn’t kill him with an assault rifle, it’s okay.  As long as you don’t use a knife, we’ll look the other way.  Cause of death has nothing to do with justification of the act, but for Obama and America to act like they were doing what they were doing to “punish” Assad for killing innocents despite the fact that he has done that from day one and continues even now makes that decree.  We do differentiate between the manner in which Assad kills, and we consider one to be acceptable and another to be unacceptable.  People all over the world should find that attitude unacceptable.

2.  America lost.  That’s right.  Russia stepped in and saved the day.  Putin should get to walk into the Oval Office and wrestle Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize out of his hands and take it back to Moscow.  Granted John Kerry might have been the player that fumbled the ball that set up the winning score, but it is the United States that came out the loser.  Remember, the mainstream media in America is a spin machine, and they will try to paint the picture one way.  Go to the international media and you will get a starkly different story.  America came out looking terrible on this deal, and Obama and Kerry came off like war-mongering George W. Bush impersonators.  Not good for the Prince of Peace when he came on the scene back in 2008.

You really messed up, John!  Don't let it happen again.  Keep smiling for the camera.
You really messed up, John! Don’t let it happen again. Keep smiling for the camera.

3.  Americans have taken their eyes off the ball.  Since this Syria thing began, so many news stories have been swept under the rug.  It really is an excellent reminder of why a president that seemed to pride himself on ending wars, not starting them, would suddenly turn into the biggest bully on the block.  It helps the cause.  Since Obama started talking about bombing Syria, no one has mentioned Edward Snowden, the NSA’s raping of American’s constitutional rights, the IRS scandal, Benghazi, and, really, the list goes on so far, that we just don’t have time to list it all right here.  You get the picture.  America has forgotten all the scandal, the dismal economy that Obama and company are trying so hard to paint as “bright,” all because Obama spent two weeks mulling over attacking a nation that most Americans couldn’t find on a globe.  Mission accomplished.

4.  Assad is bigger and badder than ever.  Just a couple of weeks ago, he had something to worry about.  Now, he has nothing to worry about in continuing to slaughter his citizens.  It is now abundantly clear that the United States is not going to do anything about what he is doing unless it involves chemical weapons.  Do you really think Assad is concerned about that?  First, he probably never even used chemical weapons to begin with, so therefore, he is just glad he didn’t get bombed by America, disrupting his iron fist mentality to managing a burgeoning revolution.  Secondly, even if he did do it, it isn’t like they took all his toys.  So he lost the capability to execute a chemical weapons attack.  Well, if you haven’t been paying attention, he still has plenty of other “conventional” weapons to continue blowing his people to bits for years to come.  Now, he even has a mandate.  He can bomb and shoot his own people with no fear of any foreign government intervening.  What a great insurance policy?  It’s a brave new world for Assad.  No need to worry about the West.  Big brother Russia has your back, and the violence can continue unchecked by the international community.  Life is good.

So, you see, there are a variety of reasons why Syria and Russia just defeated the United States of America without the firing of a single shot or the launching of a single bomb.  John Kerry made it easy and Putin knows when to take advantage of a situation.  Assad gets to keep doing what he’s doing, meaning that when all is said and done, nothing changed.

Except for President Obama.  The next time he starts talking big about doing something like this, it will be different for him.

No one, foreign of domestic, will pay him much mind.

2 thoughts on “The Sad Reality of the Russia-Syria Victory Over the United States — Cause of Death?”

  1. It’s another example of the tail wagging the dog. Just like bombing an aspirin factory in Iraq took the focus away from the whole Bill and Monica disaster, so does this incident take the heat of domestic issues. I’m not quite the conspiracy theorist you guys seem to be, because I don’t buy into the notion of an “American war-manufacturing machine”, I do agree that going into Syria, in any capacity, would be bad. Go in full force and start WWIII. Use cruise missiles and have another Iraq on our hands with people in the region pissed at us over that for years until it eventually boils over… again. It can be said that not finishing the job in Iraq on ’91 indirectly caused 9/11. What fueled Osama’s hatred was the US Base in his home country of Saudi Arabia, which would not have been needed had we not had to keep an eye on Saddam for more than a decade. Come on Washington. Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it.

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