Syria Plan B? John Kerry May Have Defused Syria War By Being an Idiot

One would like to think that the American President and Secretary of State would try to achieve a peaceful resolution to any problem that might be put before them.  One would also like to think that military action would probably be the last option on the table after all other possibilities have been eliminated.  Well, it turns out that after a couple of weeks of political pandering that was poised and ready to lead to the United States openly attacking Syria, all that really had to be done to defuse the situation was to simply ask Syria to turn over its weapons.

Yes, you heard that right.

pic30180John Kerry and Barack Obama have spent every waking hour trying to get support both at home and abroad for a punitive military strike against Syria for its supposed use of chemical weapons on its own people in a civil war.  John Kerry made one offhand comment about how Syria could avoid all of this by giving up their chemical weapons, but then said there was no way Assad would ever consider such a thing.

Syria’s response:  Why not?

Russia’s Vladimir Putin apparently got involved, told Syria they would harbor the weapons to keep things fair and above board, and now Syria says it is full steam ahead go for this peaceful solution that completely addresses all of the problems that President Obama has gone on the record with against Syria.  He and Kerry have said repeatedly that they are not attempting to topple the regime in Syria, but only to punish them and limit their capabilities to unleash more chemical weapons strikes in the future.  Having them give them up will certainly accomplish both of those goals without any more innocent people dying.

The irony:  John Kerry may have defused the entire situation with one offhand comment.  Only he had no idea what he was doing.  A bumbling idiot that represents the United States of America may have inadvertently saved the day.  Fortunately, no good deed goes unpunished.  If this deal goes forward, Kerry will try to take credit for it, as will Obama, but anyone that has been paying attention knows that Kerry was only trying to war monger.  This comment was not an offer, and it is clear that the United States never even brought this up until now.

In Kerry’s defense, Russia and Syria probably cooked up this idea knowing it would make America look even dumber and more of a war machine in the international perspective.  In any case, the real question now is how bad Obama really wants a war with Syria? If he insists on attacking Syria anyway in light of this possibility, then we are much closer to discovering what is really going on behind the scenes.  If he takes the deal and waits it out, then the crisis will have been averted for now, and we will never know if Obama is secretly berating John Kerry for his stupid mouth ending their war movement.

Sometimes having an idiot head up your State Department can work out for the best.   But don’t put your money down on it working out that way every time.

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