Reasons Why Common Sense Conspiracy is Mortally Afraid of a Government Shutdown

As you probably know, Republicans in the House of Representatives are trying to make a big splash by once again bickering with the President about a nonsensical battle over raising the debt ceiling.  If that sounds awfully familiar to you, it should; it was just last year we were hearing the same round of, well, bullshit, from all of the same players.  Only that “debate” played out just ahead of a presidential election.  If Obama was not afraid to call the Republicans’ bluff in an election year, there is little reason to doubt that we are in for another treat as both sides try to use leverage that doesn’t make sense to anyone looking at things from a practical standpoint.

Yep!  That's where we are at with this.  People actually see a potential government shutdown as a carrot being dangled in front of them instead of a threat.
Yep! That’s where we are at with this. People actually see a potential government shutdown as a carrot being dangled in front of them instead of a threat.

Last year, we published an article that mostly stands true today… Why the Debt Ceiling Debate is a Ridiculous Embarrassment for Americans.  The reality is that they have to raise the debt ceiling.  Why?  Because they cannot manage their own affairs within the amount of money they have at their disposal.  Because of that epic mismanagement of funds and a fundamental refusal to agree to anything to fix it, they now debate about whether they will borrow enough money to continue government operation.  So, with the Republicans betting that a potential government shutdown will be enough to make President Obama relent, and then trying to slide the defunding of Obamacare in while the getting is good, the mainstream media is trying to portray some kind of epic showdown.  It’s probably the least epic showdown of all time.  What’s really on the line?

We at Common Sense Conspiracy are mortified.  Terrified.  We just collectively pissed our pants.  The thoughts of the American people having to continue their lives in the wake of a government shutdown is the thing of nightmares.  Just think… national parks would be closed.  Federal employees would be off work and not paid for it…except, of course, for the ones that we could easily do without…that’s right President Obama and Congress don’t have to worry about their fat checks going anywhere.  You see, the government will find a way to operate everything that affects them.  The Capitol Building will still have its security. Don’t worry.  The White House will be fine.  It’s only people that actually provide normal services that people actually might need that will find themselves on a slippery slope to not getting a paycheck.  Entitlement programs will continue right on.  The military will find a way to cope.  The Post Office will keep on delivering your mail and packages, despite losing billions a day from another example of epic government-sanctioned mismanagement of funds.

But those national parks…man…

It’s gonna be rough.