President Obama Was to Speak About Economy at Scheduled Press Conference — Convenient Time for Shootings?

At noon today, President Obama was to speak to the media and the nation on the state of the economy.  Now, with an ongoing shooting situation in the heart of the nation’s capital, he is going to speak about that instead.  Ten minutes before he is to speak, the shooter is reported as being dead.

So, instead of talking about the failure of his administration on one of the biggest issues facing our nation, instead President Obama gets to talk about shooters going crazy at a naval base and push some more gun control goodwill on everyone.  Already, the media has started its push, frequently mentioning Sandy Hook and the types of guns used, despite the fact that they have absolutely no basis for this.  The propaganda machine is in full force this Monday morning, and President Obama appears to be the beneficiary.

What do you think?  Convenient timing or just another coincidence?

It’s a mighty pretty day for a false flag operation, right?