Only White Greeters for North Carolina’s Freedom House Church — You Won’t Believe Who Decided It

Freedom House Church is the name of a Christian congregation in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Their pastor is an African American named Makeda Pennycooke.  Apparently, the racial pendulum of the congregation had been shifting, so the Pastor, being a true businesswoman about her religion, issued an email to members asking that “only white people” work as greeters at the church.  Why?  She went on to elaborate.  “First impressions matter.”  The church wants “the best on the front doors.”

As you might imagine, one of the recipients of the email was outraged, and the next thing you know, every major news outlet in America is reporting the story.

So, you don’t come to Common Sense Conspiracy to hear the news, especially the same story the mainstream media gives you.  Therefore, you are probably wondering right now “Where’s the conspiracy?”

Easy one.  We hoped you would ask.  The mainstream media, the same one that has worked so hard to build racial tensions back up in our country over the last couple of years, happily reports the story.  But unlike our headline above, they do nothing to indicate that an African American pastor actually made this decree.  What does that matter?  Easy.  The headline is more inflammatory as they are running it.  The first thing you think is that some inbred racist white people in North Carolina had the nerve to single out white people as the only ones available to greet.  In fact, the church encourages diversity.  That’s how they got in this pickle.  The church was actually becoming more black than white, causing the church to question whether they should do something to keep things closer to the midline.

What Ms. Pennycooke suggested is insulting to African Americans.  The insinuation that white people are the cream of the crop is offensive.  The concept that white people at the doors will be more encouraging to getting the “right” demographic into their church is disturbing to say the least.  But the mainstream media takes it even further down that road by trying to pass the story around as just another example of racist Southern wanna-be Christians putting black people everywhere down.

Think about it.  How many people will see that article, take in the title, shake their head and say “Crazy damn white people?” and continue on to whatever they are looking for next.  All because the article doesn’t indicate that maybe there is more to the story.

So, the conspiracy is that the mainstream media cannot even report the news without taking some kind of slanted methodology to convince you that America is a horrible place where blacks and whites fight in the streets day and night when they are not busy eating each other’s children.

And what is the most disturbing is that it is working.
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