NSA Knows When You Went to the Bathroom Last, But Not How Many Shooters Were in Washington Navy Yard

Was it one lone gunman?  Two?  Hell, maybe three?  No one knows for sure.  I mean, it’s not like they have cameras everywhere monitoring the headquarters of the United States Navy.  No way, right?

The concept that they still do not know for certain how many shooters is completely insane.  Video surveillance should make that the easiest thing in this whole mess to uncover.  Yet, even after an official press conference from the D.C. Police, we can’t even say for sure how many shooters there were?

Meanwhile, the NSA is reading your email and knows if you are regular.

Never mind the lunacy of three men walking into a guarded naval base with “long guns.”

Something stinks, and it’s not just your turd on the NSA monitoring screen.