North Carolina Police Officer Shoots and Kills Car Accident Survivor — Multiple Shots, Guy Looking For Help

Well, what do you do when something really bad happens?  You know, you got robbed, you had a car accident?  You see a guy in a police uniform and you rejoice.  You run at him, glad to finally have some help.

Well, in North Carolina, that kind of behavior could get you shot dead.

Now, the story is more tragic than you could ever imagine.  The police officer has been charged with voluntary manslaughter for shooting this guy multiple times for no reason.  Why is that tragic?  Well, apparently this dude felt this was the right thing to do, so he’s probably sitting in a jail cell somewhere in Charlotte wondering how everyone could turn their backs on him when he just followed procedure.

The other half of the tragedy is pretty damn obvious.

What do you think?  Is this a case of police power being misused?  Or a message to us civilians to watch ourselves when we approach a police officer?  What is an acceptable level of confusion after walking a half-mile from a crash scene and then banging on a person’s door for help?  And incidentally, should the person’s door that he banged on be held responsible?  They called the police that killed him for no reason, after all.

Where does the chain of liability stop?  And where does the moral chain of responsibility lead us?
Oh yeah…the cop was white…the victim was black… We can only dream of how the mainstream media will sensationalize this one.