Nancy Pelosi Says Obamacare Frees Americans to “Follow Their Passion”

No matter where you stand on Obamacare, it would be hard to say with any seriousness that its implementation thus far has been like a well-oiled machine.  Perhaps the end result will make it all worthwhile, or perhaps the Republicans will manage to assemble enough roadblocks against it to stop it from ever reaching the point of full implementation in the first place.  In any case, a lot of businesses in America have been reducing their full-time workers, citing Obamacare as the reason for the reallocation of resources.  Basically, many companies are finding that employing more part-time workers in place of full-time workers increases their standings against the health care reform legislation.  Naturally, this has become a rallying point for opponents of Obamacare; health care reform doesn’t seem quite as sexy when it comes at the price of increasing unemployment.  However, Nancy Pelosi has set the record straight.

Republicans and others that oppose Obamacare have taken some liberties with the video below.  Yes, if you paint in the right light, splice the right parts together, she does say that Obamacare frees Americans to “follow their passion.”  In the out-of-context presentation, it is made out that she means because they don’t have full-time jobs anymore due to Obamacare, they have more time to follow their dreams.

In context, she probably means that no one has to stay in a job that they don’t like solely to have a good health care policy.  Because there are alternatives under Obamacare, more people could take a chance and try a new profession that might not have been traditionally a good choice from the insurance and benefit perspective.

Our point:  listen to what Pelosi has to say and make up your own mind.  The out-of-context representation may not be what she meant when she said it, but it may very well be possible that she would have been just as well saying what they said she did.