My ELF Weapon! — FBI Releases Footage of Aaron Alexis — Meanwhile, Sandy Hook Footage Still Hidden

It only took a week for the FBI to release “chilling” footage of gunman Aaron Alexis patrolling the hallways of the Washington Navy Yard’s Building #197 with a sawed off shotgun in tow.  Mind you, over nine months later, we still have no footage of Adam Lanza and the Sandy Hook incident in Newtown.  For months, officials have came up with lame excuses why absolutely no video evidence of Lanza has surfaced.  Some said it was because it was too disturbing, but that excuse is shot now, because they released Alexis’ footage, so obviously there is nothing wrong with finding incriminating scenes of an active shooter holding weapons just as long as it doesn’t show someone being killed.  So, Lanza’s footage is way overdue, and if you are going to try and say it’s because there were no cameras, authorities have already confirmed that there is indeed a security camera system in the school and footage at least theoretically exists.

The FBI also gave us some idea of the motivations of Alexis.  Apparently, he complained he was being controlled by ELF — electromagnetic low frequency waves.  As a matter of fact, the sawed-off shotgun he managed to carry into a guarded military base had “My ELF Weapon!” etched into it.

Incidentally, the FBI has now confirmed that Alexis acted alone (despite rampant reports of at least one other if not two other shooters during the incident) and that the only weapons used were the sawed-off shotgun and a Beretta that he acquired on the premises during his rampage.  The significance of this:  the media widely reported that Alexis was using an AR-15, and thus, it was immediately linked as being similar to Sandy Hook.  Now, we find there was no AR-15.  Could it be that the media made that part up to try to push an agenda?  It works, too.  For millions of Americans, they don’t do any research or revisit these things after it happens.  If they heard AR-15 during the news reports, they will walk away believing it months and even years into the future.  Mission accomplished for the mainstream media and the political agenda they clearly are pushing.

So, what do you think?  Should this revelation be a rallying point for a push for more information about the other shootings, especially Sandy Hook?  Or should we just be glad the government gave us even a glimpse into one of these situations and accept their story with open arms, a nod, and maybe a wink?

Which way now, ELF's?
Which way now, ELF’s?

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