Miley Cyrus Releases “Wrecking Ball” Video With Gratuitous Nudity — Illuminati Statement or Plea for Help?

Miley Cyrus followed up her now legendary for all the wrong reasons performance at the Video Music Awards (a.k.a. the “Twerkathon”) with her next single, a song called Wrecking Ball that features a video, released today, that will do nothing to quell the non-stop stream of attention headed in the former Hannah Montana’s direction.

As if we all hadn’t seen enough of Miley already, she stretches the limits of the FCC on nudity on the airwaves.  Several scenes in this video have her completely naked, with very little attempt to do anything but conceal her nipples and privates.  Of course, we have had several queries about the Illuminati-slant on this video…and after carefully analyzing it, we have to say that we aren’t sure what to make of it.

All of the hallmark signs of an Illuminati-laden clip are missing.  There are no pyramids, no all-seeing eyes, no obvious signs of Illuminati symbolism.  It almost makes us wonder if this new video is not a plea for help from a Miley that is now sinking in Illuminati quicksand.  So, we put it forth to our readers.  What do you think?  Is this another bold statement from the child star or are we seeing someone that is on a one-way trip to Illuminati glory trying to put on the brakes?  We want to hear your opinions in the comments below.


9 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Releases “Wrecking Ball” Video With Gratuitous Nudity — Illuminati Statement or Plea for Help?”

  1. Exactly. Look at her tattoos riddled throughout the video. you will notice that there are illuminati symbols.

  2. Obviously if you look the tattoo’s on her finger , and the tattoo’s on her arm, are both definitly ilumminati symbols as well for the anker tattoo is a free mason symbol.
    so its definitly some subliminal message for the youth.

  3. She is clearly going through the rites of passage into the levels of Illuminati. I am troubled by her laying down in a circle in the cement at one point. I question what all of this symbolizes. Is she making herself available during a ceremony? Is she performing an initiation sacrificial type of thing? I would wonder what is the history of any type of previous demonic presence that has the chaotic, wrecking and out of control elements to see what similarities she is presenting. She appears to be tapping into some type if presence that will not be like any other that we have seen in others.

  4. Terry Richardson is a known pervert and pedophile. It is clear that Miley is on drugs, and being manipulated by the wrong people. I agree with all the comments here. Disney is a curse to anyone who goes through their mine.

  5. Miley doing the sex kitten thing, sitting on top of a globe – perhaps earth? and then whoring herself all over the globe – licking the chain that possibly represents the globe/Earth (often represents strength and security in business logos) being in bondage and that we are all now imprisoned – mobile phone(tracking us) as well as world wide WEB or interNET, NWO coming in – NATO, FEMA, Martial law, more and more governing laws, CCTV, PRISM etc etc etc etc!!

    Also a very MK-Ultra/Monarch type feel to vid, with Miley crying, whoring, raped type look, breaking out of her grey, deprived bedroom/cell and crying

    She sings like she wants out but they all do that, if you’re happy to sell your soul for cash and fame and then realise what you’ve done, I think this is when their programming comes in and they can go a bit strange or they attempt to escape the Illuminati and end up face down in a tub of water, with either suicide or drug overdose!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. is based in SW England. It’s one guys views and interest in truth seeking.

      There is more Black Ops type stuff going on then ever nowadays – blankets of chemtrails over whole of UK most days and when the dross clears its a v v large sun that is very active currently, this could be a cycle or human/alien intervention. Whatever else the amount of police and military nastiness is in the increase, perhaps some chemtrails contain lithium to help dumb us down or worse.

      There is a lot afoot and I’ve opened my mind to many previously laughed at subjects and would love to communicate with others?

  6. I take it as she’s directing her words toward the elite. “I never meant to start a war”, could mean she knows she’s gotten in too deep. And it looks to me like her lips say “You ‘rape’ me”, rather than “you wreck(ed) me”.

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