Katy Perry’s “Roar” a Message to the Illuminati? “Prism” Album Has Double Meaning?

A lot of people thought that Katy Perry’s hit song from her last album “Wide Awake” was her showing that she had dismissed the Illuminati and refused to be their puppet.  Now, she has announced the title of her forthcoming album as “Prism” and released the song and video for “Roar,” which has already rose up the charts to give her another #1 hit single.  Is “Roar” the next logical step from “Wide Awake?”  Has Katy Perry defeated the Illuminati?

And how will they take the news, if that is the case?  And think about the album title “Prism.”  There are two schools of thought on that one.  One is that the prism indicates that she is seeing through the all-seeing eye of the Illuminati pyramid.  Which also means she is admitting that they are in control and see all.  The other interesting point is that so much has been made of the American surveillance program since the Edward Snowden incident.  The program is often referred to as PRISM.  In any case, there are some interesting coincidences, and we hope that this does not mean that the Illuminati will make this Katy’s last album.

And for those of you that are on the other side of the fence and think that Katy Perry is in the Illuminati up to her earrings, well, here’s a video that examines some of the symbolism that supports that argument.

7 thoughts on “Katy Perry’s “Roar” a Message to the Illuminati? “Prism” Album Has Double Meaning?”

  1. Bro, it’s not like Katy Perry even writes her own songs. Few popular singers do. These people aren’t exactly artists

  2. Wow what a retard you are, no offense bro. If you think someone can reject “illuminati” and still have their videos 24/7 on MTV you are completly deluded. She is doing what she is told, nothing else.

    If she went against “illuminati”, expect disappearing from the air, and have the record plummet/no release, ATLEAST.

    Once again, retard.

  3. Wide awake- subject controlled was too awake so they needed to make that song to control.
    Prism album, they monitored emails and cobbled songs out of the prism programme.
    Roar the subject got angry had a go at bush at which the illuminati shot the plane down to shut her up.
    Dark horse, the subject had another go at the illuminati and then they bought out the album birthday to ruin her birthday.
    Katy perry writes a line of the her songs the rest is illuminati garbage.

  4. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, all these spoiled little rich hogs are unstable and wacked. As if the”illumati’s” world domination plans and agenda is placed in these types of people’s hands… i would think they would be a little smarter then to trust some of these bimbos with their master devious plans ya know? Jus sayjn..

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