Common Sense Conspiracy’s Analysis of President Obama’s Address on Syria — Real Time

President Barack Obama was supposed to try to convince our nation to go to war with Syria tonight in his ninth address to the nation of his presidency.  Now, with a whole new ballgame developing with Russia calling the shots, it’s hard to imagine what Obama could say that would even make sense.  So, here we are in real time, to analyze what it means not just in a geopolitical fashion, but in one for those of us that believe there is more to the words than what we hear with our ears.

The President has given us a nice history lesson on the use of chemical weapons and just how terrible they are.  Ironically, he is willing to end his campaign for a punitive military strike on Syria, alive and well just twenty-four hours ago, because they are willing to give their weapons up.  And yet, he says without any doubt whatsoever that Assad’s regime was responsible for the chemical attack “gassing” of over 1,000 people, including children.  He makes a compelling case that the chemical weapons attack happened by outlining what they did to prove that a sarin gas attack did indeed happen.  Still, there is no compelling evidence whatsoever to support their claims that it was the Assad-led government.  Even as he tries to convince the American people face-to-face to go to war, he still offers no evidence of why he believes that this is what happened.  Never mind that Russia says that they found otherwise in their assessment.

Ten minutes into the speech, Obama is still talking about a military strike and making a great case for it, despite the lack of any evidence.  However, he has not yet mentioned the Russian-brokered deal with Assad that involves them giving up their weapons.  He also declared that he has every right to order these strikes WITHOUT Congressional approval.  Yet, he, Obama the Great, thought it was a good idea to do it anyway, to try to bring our nation together.  Never mind the fact that over 90% of the nation has no desire to get involved in this at all.  Thanks, Obama, for taking that extra step to try to make America a little less dictator-like why we seek to punish an evil dictator for an atrocity we aren’t even sure he committed.

Obama keeps driving home that a targeted military strike would deter Assad from using chemical weapons again.  Well, if the Russia-brokered deal comes through, then how would it deter him from doing something he no longer has the capability to do?  Also, did he just acknowledge out  loud that Al Qaeda rebels are the force that is fighting Assad??  Wow!  Just wow!

Finally, fifteen minutes in, Obama does acknowledge that we might have a diplomatic path here.  Well, thanks for addressing what everyone in America has already known for almost two days.

The bottom line in our analysis:  Obama still wants to attack Syria BAD!  He has had to back off his position a little, but it’s clear from his tone that he fully expects that a war is still on the blackboard for America.  He speaks as someone that already knows what is going to happen.  He speaks as someone that knows there is still a need to rally America to fight, even if we don’t see it today.

Russia made an offer that President Obama could not politically refuse.  However, that’s today.  What next week and the week after that holds, who knows?

Obama does.