Comet ISON — Is It Really a Comet? Nibiru At Last? November is Just Around the Corner

It seems that every couple of years now we have a new comet that leads the doomsday talk.  Remember comet Elenin in 2011 and all of the drama surrounding it.  It was a colossal bust when it all went down and basically nothing happened.  The new Elenin is Comet ISON, discovered just last year, and it will make its assault on the sun in November of this year.  So, for the next two months, people are going to be doing a lot of tongue-wagging about ISON.

As you might imagine, all of the usual suspects are showing up for ISON that show up for every comet event.  The video below presents several interesting theories, questioning whether Comet ISON is actually a spaceship.  Other theories say that the comet is Nibiru, the fictional and yet much-discussed superplanet that is approaching our solar system to wreak havoc.  There are even reports that ISON’s debris is already striking the Earth and NASA and their Russian counterpart are preparing for a “significant event” in October.

Well, it’s all very interesting, and we enjoy speculating just as much as the next guy, but go ahead and mark it down.  You heard it here at Common Sense Conspiracy first.  ISON will be an astronomer’s wet dream for observation, but other than that, nothing much will come of it.  No Nibiru, no alien spaceships, not even a debris tail.  Just a comet doing what comets do out there in the fringes of space.

Of course, we could be wrong.  If that is the case, better start stockpiling water and canned goods.