Comet Eros Has Space Fling With Comet ISON — Double Whammy?

There is enough speculation going on about Comet ISON, but now, a new video showing another comet named Eros flying very close to ISON is causing even more reason for consternation.

The lowdown on Eros:  this comet is one that we Earthlings know more about than any other comet out there.  It was discovered way back in 1898 and has actually been visited by NASA space probes on more than one occasion.  So, any talk on the conspiracy forums about there being some relevance to this sighting of Eros and ISON in a so-called “space fling” should be taken with a grain of salt.  Eros is nothing new and its path is well-known and documented.  The video below that shows Eros and ISON coming amazingly close is not fake.  It is real.  However, one must keep in mind that where space is concerned, we are viewing things from so far away that we must remember the distance and how it affects our perception.  For example, you could see the bright starlike Jupiter in the sky next to the moon near sunset or dawn and it would look like they are very close together, when in fact millions upon millions of miles separate the two.  The video is cool, and it is interesting, but these comets are nowhere near each other when you look at it in rational astronomical terms, and therefore, there is no reason to read anymore into beyond it being a really cool optical illusion.  Whether the theories surrounding Comet ISON hold water (pardon the pun…after all, comets can be big balls of ice), we can safely assume that Comet Eros has absolutely nothing to do with it.