Bill Cosby’s Commentary on African Americans in Society Rings True For All Walks of Life

Bill Cosby is about as much of an American icon as anyone could ever aspire to be.  His comedy has reached millions of people and original Cosby Show sitcom is still a fixture in America’s everyday consciousness.  In recent years, Bill has made somewhat of a progression from a comedian to an inspiring speaker of sorts, but not everyone has been thrilled with what he has to say.

Bill’s message is somewhat controversial because some in the African American community see him as a sellout.  Others see him as a wise old man that they should look up and listen to.  Common Sense Conspiracy thinks both of those viewpoints are interesting, because our message here is that we feel that Cosby’s words in several of his recent interviews and talks are being discounted because of his race.

Say what?  Wait.  Let us explain.

We feel like because Cosby is black, white people probably don’t pay as much attention to what he is saying as they should.  His message is directed at his own heritage; however, there is a wider application.  If you look beyond the racial divide, Cosby’s words are actually true of our culture and society as a whole, not just one demographic.  So, our message is that everyone should listen to what he has to say here.  It is a positive message, and for black people to take some sort of offense to it is ignorant.  For white people to shake their heads in agreement, but only because they think it applies only to black people…well that is ignorant too.

You ever heard of a parable?  You know, like Jesus Christ liked to use to get his point across.  Just because the message uses African Americans to illustrate the story doesn’t mean that it isn’t applicable to all people in America.