Alex Jones Says Rebels Responsible for Chemical Attacks on Fox News: Spreading Info or Helping the Government?

Okay, so we know that title may seem contradictory at first, but bear with us.

Popular conspiracy theory “expert” and radio show host Alex Jones has a penchant for flamboyant accusations that has made him a controversial figure in the conspiracy world.  Some people live and die by Alex Jones; others feel that he is just the kind of person that makes people that believe that everything in our world is not always what we are told it is look silly and foolish.  Common Sense Conspiracy has frequently addressed Alex Jones in our articles, sometimes agreeing with him, and sometimes pointing out that not everything that ever happens is part of a grand conspiracy.

So, we are not surprised by the video below which features Alex Jones sparring off on Fox News about who is really behind the chemical weapons attacks in Syria.  We do want to point out one thing about it.  If Alex Jones was a threat to the government, do you think for one minute that they would let him on the mainstream media (which we know is essentially run by the government) to peddle his thoughts and theories?  Of course not.  So why is he on there, preaching his gospel?  Easy.  Because the government wants him to.

Alex Jones is the kind of person that the government appreciates.  He has incorporated himself into a little conspiracy empire, much like people such as Glenn Beck and others have done.  With that comes exposure, money, and the constant ire of people that believe that people who really are searching for the truth usually don’t become blowhards like Alex Jones.  The government is more than happy to have Alex Jones spewing about false flag operations on the airwaves.  It actually makes people out there that were on the fence head back the government’s way.  That’s right.  To someone that is on the fence, someone who thinks that maybe something isn’t right about this, but then, they usually believe the government is, at least for the most part, on their side and trying to do the best for the American people, seeing Alex Jones doing his number on Fox News will actually drive them away from conspiracy theories.  After all, they don’t want to cast their lot with Alex Jones, right?

So, if Alex Jones is such a conspiracy savant, then why would he not realize this?  Oh, he does.  But exposure means more money from him, and this parasitic relationship between him and the government has allowed him to build a career from basically nothing.  Times like these are booming business for Alex Jones and others.

So, having said all of that, Common Sense Conspiracy completely agrees with Alex on this one.  There is very little reason to believe that what President Obama and the American government is saying is true, and every day, there seems to be more reason to believe what Alex Jones has to say on this matter.  We just don’t think him saying it lends it any further credibility with the average person.  The government knows they have lost the people that are reading websites like this.  These people have seen the light and understand that there is an agenda beneath (or above, perhaps) everything that is the guiding force, and it will not be found off course.  However, for the people that turn on Fox News whilst drinking their morning cup of coffee, the government knows they are still impressionable.  So, they unleash Alex Jones on them, spewing truth with passion, but only obscuring it further with every word.