Al Qaeda Leader Calls For Attacks on United States — Gearing Up for Busy October?

There has been some commentary on conspiracy forums lately about a series of tests and training exercises being arranged nationally in the United States for the beginning of October.  The reason this causes alarm is that historically, many terrorist attacks and other such incidents were almost immediately preceded by training exercises that were remarkably similar to the situation about to become reality (see Boston, 9/11 for more information).  So, it is quite natural for people to worry a little bit when they see an orchestrated exercise such as this taking shape.

Of course, it doesn’t help matters any when the leader of Al Qaeda is calling for attacks on the American public.  Now, keep in mind, this same organization is the main mover and shaker behind the rebellion in Syria.  So, these are the guys the United States of America’s CIA is sending weapons to, and these are the guys that the United States was about to help out if Obama had ordered military action on Syria last week.  Even in the midst of all of that, they are calling for Americans to die.

We really have some quirky friends in America, don’t we?