ABC News Reports Navy Ship Yard Shooting — A Day Before It Happens

Several of you have sent us messages inquiring about this curious incident.  ABC News does indeed have a story detailing the Washington Navy Yard shootings on September 15, an entire day before it happened.  As you might imagine, this has many in conspiracy circles crying foul.  Here is a screenshot of the article:

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 7.29.08 AM


Here is a link to the article that is still online as of the time this article was published:

A couple of things of note here.  First, notice the link above.  The link includes some words that have nothing to do with the shootings, but instead a mobile home fire in Ohio.  That indicates there is something wrong with this picture.  Could it be that this page was somehow overridden when the shootings occurred, and in the frantic nature of things the date was not changed?  But why?  Surely ABC News doesn’t overwrite articles in that quick of a time span.  After all, there are articles online at ABC News from years ago.

Another curiosity here:  why has ABC still not fixed this?  A visit to the page shows dozens of comments below talking about the date.  Did ABC realize that fixing it now would only add to the conspiracy speculation?  Why not release a statement explaining how the error occurred?  Nothing so far.  Could it be possible that ABC is still unaware that they have a web page detailing the killings before they were supposed to have occurred?

Some theories have indicated that perhaps the date is because wherever the article was created, it was still September 15.  The shootings occurred at 8:20 A.M., so that would mean a nine hour variance at the least, or some International Date Line drama going on.  Neither seems likely, since ABC News is based in the United States, and there is little reason to expect such an important news story would be outsourced halfway across the world.

What do you think?  System glitch?  Or telling moment that our news is staged?


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  1. It’s hard to think of this as a system glitch since most web developers use a GetDate function when requesting a date. And since this is a website of a big company, it’s hard to believe this to be an error. Possible, but not likely.

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