Aaron Alexis, Navy Yard Shooter, Stationed at Fort Hood 2007-2011 — Both Killed 13?

EDITOR’S NOTE:  There have been multiple comments about some of the information in this article.  We found multiple sources indicating that Aaron Alexis was a part of a fleet logistics support unit at Fort Hood between the years of 2007 and 2011.  Some of our readers have said that this is not true, and that he was actually stationed in Fort Worth.  The information we received came from a reputable source that claimed it was corroborated by a military document.  We concede that we cannot absolutely prove this to be true, but we did have multiple sources indicating such, so we are letting our readers know of this disagreement on the facts, but we are not retracting the article at this time.

Also, it has been pointed out that Alexis killed 12 people and he himself was #13.  Our article indicated that it was coincidental that both shootings wound up with 13 people being killed and questioned what that might mean.  We stand by this report.  The final result in both instances was 13 people dead.  The fact that the shooter was one of them does not mean that anything contained in our article in untrue.



How many mass shooters were in the same place, same time?
How many mass shooters were in the same place, same time?

By now, we all know the story, so we won’t spend a lot of time rehashing the facts.  Aaron Alexis is the man that has been pegged as the Washington Navy Yard shooter, and the mainstream media is letting out some sordid parts of his past in trickles.

Yes, he got arrested for shooting out somebody’s tires in 2004.  Yes, that wasn’t the only incident.  You see?  The mainstream media is vivaciously reporting on the gun-related incidents that plagued Alexis’ past, but only a blurb goes to one of the most interesting facts of all.  Guess where Alexis spent a big chunk of his time?

Fort Hood.

From 2007-2011, Alexis was stationed at Fort Hood.  Sound familiar?  Another famous “workplace violence” incident happened there.  It just recently got “resolved,” if you can call the accused making a mockery of the system a resolution.

On November 5, 2009,  Nidal Malik Hasan opened fire and killed 13 people at Fort Hood.  He recently received the death penalty almost four years later in a complicated web of events that only could be labelled as American.  Obviously, Alexis was working at Fort Hood when this happened.

Was Alexis inspired by Fort Hood?
Was Alexis inspired by Fort Hood?

Now the final ghastly totals are in, and Alexis killed 13 as well.

Coincidence?  Well, you might want to buy some Powerball numbers, because those silly incidences are sure piling up, aren’t they?

Notice how the mainstream media is wholly ignoring that two mass shooters came from the same military base in a few years time.

Pushing an agenda?  Oh no, of course not.

4 thoughts on “Aaron Alexis, Navy Yard Shooter, Stationed at Fort Hood 2007-2011 — Both Killed 13?”

  1. Aaron Alexis only killed 12, not 13. Aaron Alexis was not stationed at Fort Hood; he was “once upon a time” stationed in Fort Worth, Texas at the Naval Air Station. STOP spreading mis-information! You are causing problems and should be more careful in your attempt to persuade people.

  2. these guys have been mind controlled by the illuminati & let back into society to cause havoc…this stuffs real & only Jesus can save yall

  3. David is absolutely right. Aaron Alexis was never stationed at Fort Hood. Fort Hood is an army base; Alexis was a Navy reservist stationed in Fort Worth. If you don’t get your basic facts right, everything you put out will be suspect.

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