Why the Government Can’t Lose When It Comes to Sweeping Warnings Like This One

It’s high drama for the mainstream media, and high drama for organizations like Homeland Security and the United States government in general.  For President Obama, it’s a birthday celebration at the Presidential retreat while the sky seems to be growing dark in the background.  There is one thing we know for sure:  government agencies are very enthusiastic about relaying to us that there is a huge threat from Al Qaeda on the horizon.  The specifics of that threat are laid out in riddles that would make Gandalf proud.  It seems to the average American like Washington is holding its breath, hoping against hope that they did enough in time.

terror-tsijkgReality is much different.  Washington is in the best position it could possibly be in.  Against the backdrop of Benghazi last year, they are right where they want to be.  They have just given us a cryptic all-encompassing terrorism alert that covers them no matter what eventuality should arrive, and yet, if nothing happens, they can simply call all of their counter-terrorism strategies (including spying illegally on the American people) a rampant success.

That is only the beginning.  Let’s go further into it.

If there is an attack, something really big does happen, they win.  Why?  Because this time they warned us.  This time they ramped up security ahead of the threat.  This time they did everything that the big bad federal government is supposed to do to keep us safe.  No one can complain.  Then, they can push an even greater agenda supporting their tactics on us.  We will be shocked into submission, unable to do anything but hope that our government can keep us safe.  We will hear dramatic explanations for how Edward Snowden and things like that caused this to come to pass.  He’s the real enemy… Snowden first.  Al Qaeda second.  If only he hadn’t run his mouth to the world about what the government was doing, this terrible attack might have been averted.

Or, if there is no attack…well, most of what we just said stays true.  They will take credit for warding off the attackers through a showing of unity and defense that basically ran them off.  They will say that all of that domestic spying that has got everyone in such an uproar lately was absolutely necessary.  See?  Look at the results.  American lives saved.  A terror threat averted.  Good times on Capitol Hill.

So, without deviating into the more sophisticated (or unsophisticated, depending on your viewpoint) conspiracy theories about this terror alert, just on the surface of what is obviously happening, we see that the government cannot lose this one.  They will come out the winner either way.  This is what you call a safe bet.  But a safe bet means you can’t lose.  Not only can Obama and company not lose, but they can’t help but win.

Lastly, for those out there in the conspiracy world that are holding their breath waiting on a false flag operation out of all this…take a breath.  It’s alright.  Whatever your position on false flags and the U.S. government may be, one thing we can confirm through looking back at history:  they always come as a total surprise.  9/11 anyone?  Boston?  Pearl Harbor?  Whether or not you think any of these events were a false flag operation, you have to admit that they were total shockers to the American people.  If there are false flag operations, they don’t advertise them in advance.  You can take that to the bank.  If there is a false flag here, it is the threat itself.  If the government made a conscious decision to turn up the heat this particular weekend just so they could pat themselves on the back, then you have you a nice conspiracy theory with a bow on top.  But the traditional false flag as conspiracy theorists refer to them — well, the hallmark symptoms are decidedly missing.