What Americans Really Think About a Possible War With Syria

It’s no secret that almost no one in America really is excited about the prospect of attacking Syria and possibly provoking yet another war over issues that the average American doesn’t find all that pressing to their day-to-day life. While pretty much everyone thinks that the chemical weapons attacks were wrong, not everyone feels they can trust our government in telling us what really happened, and even if we could, they aren’t sure that it matters.
It is kind of ironic that our President and government see nothing wrong with the daily slaughtering of innocents that has been going on ever since the civil war in Syria erupted unless it involves chemical weapons. It’s like saying that killing isn’t wrong unless it is done in a certain way.
Just think if we applied this logic to civilian life. What if we didn’t care at all if someone murders some children, as long as he doesn’t do it in a certain way? We have rules of law that make reprehensible acts illegal and punishable regardless of how they are actually committed. Yes, we have laws that recognize severities of crimes, but still…in the case of Syria, we are literally saying that “Oh, this killing was worse than that other killing.” Now we have to do something. What do you think? We want to hear your opinions in the comment section below. Can we find just one American that is honestly fired up for a war with Syria? If so, state your case.