United States Refuses to Allow Germany to See or Transport Its Own Gold

For reasons we can’t even fathom, Germany has stored a lot of its gold right here in the United States of America with everyone’s favorite banker, the Federal Reserve. Now, here in the last year or so, Germany decided it was high time it got all of its gold home for good. Only, the Fed told them they could not do that at this time. That’s right, they told Germany they couldn’t have their gold back.
Germany apparently relented, but they did want to at least see the gold and verify that it existed. On more than one occasion, they were either shown very small amounts of gold as “proof” or rebuffed entirely. Naturally, the Germans are getting a little tired of playing games with the Federal Reserve, but more importantly, it really throws some doubt on whether the United States really has a gold reserve or not.
It has long been theorized in conspiracy circles that Fort Knox was empty and the U.S. really has little or no gold, perhaps all part of a grand conspiracy reaching back a hundred years or more. This latest debacle certainly doesn’t give us any reason to stop believing that theory if we put stock in it in the first place.
So, what do you think? Is the Federal Reserve worth its weight in gold?