TSA Looking Out for “Boobie Bombs” — What Do We Do Now?

As if airport security measures hadn’t already gone to the brink of public indecency, now we are finding out that the TSA has been warned by other intelligence agencies that Al Qaeda might be using suicide bombs inserted into female breasts.  Just like an implant that women get to improve their breast shape or size, now everyone’s favorite terrorist organization apparently has figured out how to get a bomb in there.  Get ready for those pat-downs to get even more personal.

This is, of course, disturbing on multiple levels, but it also is telling.  This is where we are at.  Security measures, whether completely over-the-top or not, have worked.  Terrorists are having to stretch the boundaries and think outside the box for new ways to do their dirty deeds.  What’s more, it also means that women, traditionally left out in the cold by the culture of Al Qaeda and Islam in general, are actually becoming more important to their cause.  Now we might have female suicide bombers just because they have a better chance of getting through undetected.  Al Qaeda seems to like to reinvent itself, and this seems to be a plausible tactic in this day and age of heightened security and awareness.  Here’s hoping we can find a way to track down these devices without having to resort to mandatory mammograms for every woman that wants to get on an aircraft.