The Untapped Power of the Mind Series Part 1: Man Draws Rome From Memory

Stephen Wiltshire is autistic.  We all know that in many cases, those that suffer from autism may have a special talent or ability in which they excel in at an almost supernatural manner while at the same time having great trouble performing very simple, common operations.  Wiltshire possesses two amazing talents within the little gray cells.  He has an awesome ability to draw what he sees, and that is made even more amazing by the fact that he remembers everything he sees in exceptional detail.  His helicopter ride above Rome featured in the video below showcases his amazing skill.

Why is this on Common Sense Conspiracy?  First of all, sometimes we come across things that we think are just worth sharing with our readers.  But we do think there is an important message here.  We’ve all heard psychologists and scientists explain how we only truly use a very small percentage of our brain’s total potential.  We also are all acutely aware of the powers of our subconscious.  Well, people like Stephen Wiltshire are glowing examples of this.  We have no idea what we as a species are truly capable of.  It’s unfortunate that Stephen has to endure autism to bring this gift to us, but in addition to reminding us that these people are special not in a “Special Ed” way, but truly special.  It also goes on to apply to each and every one of us.  What are we capable of if we could just tap our mind’s full potential?  What do you think?