The Irony of a Punitive Attack on Syria — Small World After All?

Imagine this scene in your mind:

A young mother bathes her child in the sink.  They exchange baby-talk.  She carefully rinses him off and lays him on the changing table to affix his diaper.  She gives him a kiss.  Then, all at once, there is a loud noise and there lives are taken away from them instantly.  A flash of light and that’s all.  They die for nothing, and they never did anything to anyone to deserve it.

Somewhere in the night, the husband of that woman, off trying to make a living, finds out what has happened but can’t find out if his family is okay.

This scene is moments after the attacks that President Obama is proposing against Syria as “punishment” for its alleged chemical weapons attacks on its own people.

This scene could also be the moments after the alleged chemical attack.

Get it?

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