The Internet is the Government’s Next Target: Villainize Message Boards to Control Them Later

Common Sense Conspiracy has frequently addressed the Internet and how it is the government’s biggest regret of all time in terms of something that it feels it missed out on.  They missed out on billions in tax dollars if they had been out in front of it and could have found a way to tax it early on before anyone got used to it being free.  They also missed out on controlling it; in our Information Age, information is as valuable as weapons.  Just see things like the Snowden situation or the legend of WikiLeaks.  The government’s inability to control the Internet has damaged its ability to control everything else.

361x5eIt used to be that the majority of Americans got their information from newspapers or television.  The Internet has changed that, literally almost decimating an entire industry.  Controlling the mainstream media has always been the governmental strategy for making sure the message purveyed to the general public is in keeping with their agenda.  Now, the Internet runs wild, and the government is losing that stranglehold on information.  See, that’s the thing about information.  It can be true factual information or falsehoods; either way, it is still information, and it is still just as influential.  But if you lose the ability to spread that information to the public, and furthermore, you lose the ability to control what other information they are receiving, you’ve really lost a lot.

The government has a long term plot to take control of the Internet.  President Barack Obama laid some of the groundwork very early in his Presidency for the installation of national Internet.  By providing basically free government-provided Internet throughout the United States, other providers would be forced to get out of the business, leaving people with no other way to get a decent high-speed connection.  Then, once everyone relies on the government for their connection, it’s only a hop, skip, and jump to full-on control and censorship of the medium.  This is the long-term plan, but as with most things in governmental bureaucracy, it will be a long winding road toward achieving that goal.  In the meantime, they have a quicker methodology to get some control of the Internet NOW.

The recent terrorism alerts got a lot of attention, and with good reason.  Now that the embassies are back open and most people have forgotten it ever happened, those in conspiracy circles might be wondering what was the point.  Well, today, the Associated Press released a story explaining that government agencies got all of their information from message boards and forums on the Internet.  As a matter of fact, Al Qaeda now, according to them, uses this medium for all sorts of things, from spreading information to recruiting members to actually activating cells and orchestrating major attacks.  They credit the success of the terror alert to information they came across on the Internet.

Good for everyone, right?  Well, it seems so at first glance.  Perhaps it’s true.  It could be so.  It’s perfectly plausible.  But if you look a little closer, what is the left hand doing while the right hand is showing you what happened?  They are using their favorite targets, terrorists and Al Qaeda, to villainize the Internet.  Message boards and chat rooms across the net are bastions of free speech.  People go back and forth, discuss issues, and enjoy relative anonymity.  Now, the government says “Oh, well, because it’s so free and all, terrorists are able to use it to try to kill Americans.”  So, what should we do?

Give up some more freedoms.

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