Sean Sasser Dead at Age 44 From Lung Cancer — Why Would the Illuminati Kill an AIDS and Gay Activist?

Well, the title says it all. The world is reeling from the death of Sean Sasser, a fellow that rose to prominence in the 1990’s on the long-running MTV series “The Real World.” He was recognized as a big proponent of AIDS and HIV awareness in that time, and was even praised by President Bill Clinton for his work. He was also gay, and an exchange of nuptials on the show is still considered by some to be a watershed moment for the homosexual community in America. Passing away at such a young age, it is only natural that there will be some conspiracy theories surrounding his death. We want to address two of them right now in the hopes of putting it to rest.
The first one comes from cruel intentions. Some people that like to say horrible things about gay people in general are making the insinuation that Sasser really died from AIDS and they made up the lung cancer excuse because of the largely incorrect societal stereotype that the disease plagues homosexuals because of their lifestyle choices. The hateful message there is to say that despite all of his activism, he is a victim of being gay. This comes from people that will stop at nothing to bash the gay community in any way they can, even in the face of tragic circumstances. We want to point out that anyone out there making this statement has no evidence to indicate such. There is no reason here to question the official account of the story. We normally don’t have a problem with people out there brainstorming theories without much to go on, but not when it comes from a desire to spread hate.
Secondly, there is the usual questions about whether the Illuminati might have had something to do with his death. Well, we appreciate our readers interest in the Illuminati, and we certainly have published hundreds of articles outlining their actions in our world and what it means to us. However, in an age where many accuse the Illuminati of proliferating a gay agenda, why on Earth would they murder or sacrifice a gay rights and AIDS activist? If anything, the Illuminati would have been pleased with Sasser’s motivations. So, while there are plenty of instances of the Illuminati doing some pretty terrible things, it’s hard to find a real logical reason why they would have conspired to kill Sean Sasser.
Sometimes it is what it is. Sasser died too young from lung cancer, and because he was a person in the public’s eye at one point in time or another, it makes news. It’s a tragedy…sometimes we need to just leave it at that.