Rodeo Clown Impersonates President Obama — Banned from Missouri Fairs

An enterprising rodeo clown in Missouri decided to wear a President Obama mask and then encourage a bull to run him down.  There has been massive uproar, and the rodeo clown has essentially lost his job since he is now banned from doing what he does ever again.

Was it appropriate?  Probably not.  And yes, we do always like to point out that while we have freedom of speech and expression in this country, that doesn’t mean you are free from the consequences of what you say.  Meaning that while we support your right to say what you want to say, you have to realize that others have an equal right to respond.  See Paula Deen, for instance, for a recent example.  See the Dixie Chicks for a truly devastating example in years past.

So, what’s our point?  Oh, well, we just wanted to remind you of another similar incident.  Popular alternative rock band Pearl Jam had some major beef with the last United States President before Barack, President George W. Bush.  As part of his act, frontman Eddie Vedder frequently used a George W. Bush mask as  part of his show, and often, he would impale the President.

There was no outrage whatsoever.

Hmm… you be the judge…