Robin Thicke Makes a Good Girl Go Bad at VMA’s! Double Illuminati Initiation?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, pop star Miley Cyrus gave a performance at the MTV Video Music Awards that left the audience shocked and dismayed.  The performance was not just risque, but actually verged on disgusting.  Even Lady Gaga seemed taken aback, and that’s saying a lot for the situation.

The performance was quirky enough before Robin Thicke came out to sing his breakout hit “Blurred Lines” with Miley, but then things went into overdrive.  An as close to naked as you can be without being naked Miley did some ridiculously provocative moves, not only to herself, but to Thicke, including one part where she “Twerked” on him.

The photo doesn't do it justice.  This was over-the-top.
The photo doesn’t do it justice. This was over-the-top.

Our question:  Did we just witness a double Illuminati initiation?  Miley’s performance almost seems like an Illuminati-ordered embarrassment campaign.  Kind of like when Taylor Swift infamously got interrupted by Kanye West.  Perhaps Miley was told that the only way to get back in the good graces of the enlightened ones was to take this to the max.  And Robin Thicke just recently achieved major success after releasing a video wrought with Illuminati imagery.

So what do you think?  Is Miley this far gone, or did we just witness the beginning of the next phase of both of these artists’ careers?

We had links to the video but they have since been taken down for copyright violations, so unfortunately, the footage can’t be viewed at this time.