ObamaCare Supporters Also Support Euthanizing Sick and Elderly

Mark Dice is fairly famous on the Internet for putting the ordinary man’s common sense to the test with petitions and interviews.  We have published articles about some of his shenanigans in the past.  His latest move was to approach those that identified as supporting President Obama’s health care plan and asking them if they were willing to sign a petition to keep down costs by taking some of the more prominent health care consumers out of the picture.  You might be surprised by some of their responses.

So what does this video mean? On the one hand, it’s important for us to point out that ObamaCare does not actually include any legislation that would involve this practice. It’s even more important to point out that these people that have identified themselves as supporters of the President will blindly go along with anything no matter how ridiculous if it seems to have anything remotely resembling their President’s stamp of approval. That is the scary part of this video. These people are not thinking for themselves; they simply believe that if someone comes to them as an “activist” for the ObamaCare movement, then they will agree with them, even if asked if it’s okay to put some people down “like you would your dog.” Do they really believe in turning Grandma out to pasture? Probably not. But they will agree if they think it’s kosher with Obama.
You may think that this is a political message on our part. We are not really speaking out for either side, but just showing you an example of people that blindly follow what they believe is a doctrine…even if it comes down to signing off the very right to live out their lives.
So, in closing, if you support ObamaCare, more power to you. You, as an American citizen, have every right to believe and support this movement. But make sure you know what you are talking about when you do. If you support it just because of a political affiliation and not because you know what is contained within the legislation, then your credentials for supporting anything are questionable.