New Information Arises in Death of Princess Diana — Real Findings or Veiled Warning?

Since the majority of our readership is American, we want to start by making a comparison.  For Britons, it’s safe to say that the death of Princess Diana back in 1997 may very well be the closest thing that Great Britain has to a JFK in modern times.  Much like the Kennedy assassination is a watershed moment in American history that is still debated and scrutinized to this very day, the “accident” that befell Princess Diana on that tragic day has captured the minds and imaginations of Britons and people all over the world ever since.  On conspiracy forums and message boards, there is always a Princess Diana thread readily available.  Today, however, the Princess Diana conspiracy theories went back mainstream.

Dredging up the past, or a veiled warning for the future?
Dredging up the past, or a veiled warning for the future?

British media sources are reporting that new information has come up in her death, and that Scotland Yard is actually taking a serious look at the new round of allegations.  If you don’t know the story, back in 1997, the deaths of Princess Diana, Dodi al Fayed, and their driver Henri Paul were ruled accidents, although the antagonizing paparazzi got the unofficial blame.  A joint French and British investigation that topped $7 million concluded this and sought to end the endless theories.  Now, in the court martial trial of Sgt. Danny Nightingale, who was found guilty of the very lowly crime of illegal gun possession, a letter has come up that says that Diana’s death was really a murder and was committed willfully by British Special Air Service.

The letter would not amount to much more than hearsay if it were not for the fact that Britain’s famed Scotland Yard has publicly acknowledged the information and that it was in the process of investigating.  Considering that “new information” in this case comes up sporadically over the years, the fact that they are publicly acknowledging says something.  But is it because it has validity, at least enough to be looked into, or could there be another reason?

Common Sense Conspiracy doesn’t know, of course, but we do want to point out another, more sinister possibility.  Could it be that the sudden interest in the death of Princess Diana again all these years later is designed to remind Princess Kate that she better walk the line?

What?  Gasp!

Yes.  Could it be possible that the Royal Family or the government, or both, want to make sure that Princess Kate is reminded that bad things do happen to good people when they aren’t good little girls.  When they don’t walk the line and say what they are supposed to say, bow when you’re supposed to bow, and most of all, no rocking the boat.

It’s just like in America.  The JFK assassination is one of those kind of events as well.  Wink, wink, Mr. President.  Of course there was no conspiracy.  Conspiracy?  Never.  No way.  But…nudge in the arm… listen, Barack, you know, maybe you ought to just do what you are supposed to do, and maybe we don’t have to answer all of these questions about you one day.  Nudge.  Wink.

Why now?  Right after the birth of the latest member of the Royal Family.  A baby that literally has the chance to be a king one day.   Sometimes the government needs a good conspiracy, a little doubt, something to deny, to remind their constituents or even the monarchs that they are being watched, they are expected to act and perform a certain way, and there most certainly are ways they can be dealt with if they refuse.

Or it could just be some more silly conspiracy chatter?

What do you think?

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