Million Muslim March Planned for September 11th Anniversary — Audacity or Courage?

Well, in our nation today, everyone has been wronged. African Americans have to riot and march. Homosexuals have to riot and march. Hell, even the white people were marching on Wall Street. It was only a matter of time, then, before the movement spread to Muslim America.
The American Muslim Political Action Committee is organizing a march on Washington, D.C. dubbed the “Million Muslim March” (although it will be nowhere near that number in reality) to protest all of the bigotry, discrimination, and just general mistreatment American Muslims have faced since the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington almost twelve years ago and the subsequent wars that followed. To really make their point, what better a date to pick to do it than the date of the attacks themselves? You guessed it. The AMPAC, in a move that sounds more akin to the Westboro Baptist Church school of morals, has decided to hold this protest march on the very anniversary of the terrorist attacks that left thousands of Americans dead and literally changed the world.
So, in recap, Muslims are mad because they feel they have been mistreated when a few extremists committed one of the condemnable acts in world history, so to really make their point, they are going to take that day as their day to address it. There are only 364 other days in the year; it has to be that one.
Controversy certainly creates a lot of attention, and this march is already getting plenty of it. What do you think? Do the Muslims have a reason to be marching in the first place? And is picking this date a showing of courage or unbelievably insensitive audacity?

One thought on “Million Muslim March Planned for September 11th Anniversary — Audacity or Courage?”

  1. Every single person in this planet deserve to express themselves. Is picking this date a showing of courage or unbelievably insensitive audacity? Although they could pick a different date to address this issue, picking 9/11 to do their march is best simply because this date is the source of America’s hatred towards Muslims. We all know what happened that fateful day so the hatred is understandable but childish. Were they to do their march on a different date, they wouldn’t get as much coverage in the media. And since this march is to bring awareness, it makes perfect sense. We shouldn’t mistreat all Muslims for the atrocious acts of some extremists. Just like we shouldn’t mistreat and blame all Germans for the atrocity committed by the Nazis during WWII. The mentality of the few shouldn’t outweigh the mentality of the many and ‘vice versa’.

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