Miley Cyrus Shows Off Illuminati Freedom in “Fire” Video With Big Sean

This video is already approaching 1,000,000 views on YouTube, proving that somehow Miley Cyrus still has some sort of influence in this world.  If you haven’t been paying attention, her ascension into the graces of the Illuminati has been fairly obvious, but perhaps never as much so as in her latest offering with rapper Big Sean.  We won’t waste our time explaining the Illuminati influence in this video.. that’s for the comments below.  Let us know what you think and if Miley is lost…or found?


2 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Shows Off Illuminati Freedom in “Fire” Video With Big Sean”

  1. Big Sean’s obvious ode to Lucifer at 0:07 and 1:26 lol. The rose I think symbolizes purity and innocence and once Cyrus throws them on the ground and then the close up of the explosion right after that to me symbolizes the loss of purity and innocence and the inclination towards evil. Not so much towards her spefically, but for society as whole. It’s not hard to see how our world is beginning to rot from the inside out. As for these two nimrods (B. Sean and Cyrus) what a disgrace for an example of ‘Artwork.’ It couldn’t be further from art. Littered with subliminal garbage throughout the entire video. Do these cats think people are that neive..? We know what your refrencing morons. Seems to me these younger artists aren’t even trying to hide the subliminal programming anymore nowadays. It’s so much more out in the open recently. It’s sad. Peace. Love. Freedom.

  2. Miley Cyrus is so far out there now days. She used to be so cute and sweet. Now, she looks like a man and dresses like a slut, what’s up with that? If I were Liam Hemsworth, I sure would be thinking twice about her! I wouldn’t want anything to do with someone who is involved in the Illuminati, that’s for sure!

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