Michelle Obama Plans Hip Hop Album — Good for Obesity But Bad For English?

No, this is not The Onion.  We thought we should say that first.  This story sounds like one of those fictitious satirical articles that reads seriously but is obviously fabricated.  It’s not.  It’s real.  Having said that…

Michelle has done a lot of good, but is her latest idea the best?  Especially in the face of the educational challenges facing America?
Michelle has done a lot of good, but is her latest idea the best? Especially in the face of the educational challenges facing America?

The First Lady of the United States is one of Common Sense Conspiracy’s favorite damn people.  While we may have our issues with her husband’s policies from time to time, we have never had a problem with Michelle.  As a matter of fact, her “let’s move” campaign is exactly what the nation needs, and she has been right on the money thus far.  So, when we heard the somewhat disturbing news that she was planning the release of a hip hop album to support good eating and exercise, we weren’t sure what to think, but we said, “Michelle knows what’s up, so I’m sure it will be good.”

Well, it hasn’t been released yet, so that remains to be seen.  But we already have some grievances.  As much as we love Michelle (and think she is by far the sexiest First Lady ever, although there should be an asterisk to note the competition), some of the forthcoming song titles are disturbing.  U R What You Eat?  Veggie Luv?  Is this Michelle Obama’s record or the new Prince album?

In our society where text messaging is a valid form of real communication, should we encourage children, and when we say encourage, we mean from the freaking First Lady of the United States, to use this type of grammar?  Are we promoting exercise while detracting from good old American English?

Sorry, Michelle!  We know you mean well, but do U NO WHAT U R DOING?

One thought on “Michelle Obama Plans Hip Hop Album — Good for Obesity But Bad For English?”

  1. what is good old english/ english never ahd a class and it reflects in english langauge unlike in french.or german. what grammer? even english dictioinary was not written before 1750 ad.
    British propaganda against Europeans races– The same crowd who pushed U.S.A. Into both World Wars because otherwise England would have lost. It is the same crowd who asked for tough immigration measures against foreigners but have given free reign to English people to come to u.s.a. and work theatre without visa requirement. Those restricted against (from other foreign countries) are not only much more highly qualified specialists in their field but also they have much better standard of living than the English people who come to States. Those foreigners are mostly from elite school and are educated up to Ph.D. level while these english people are all non- PhDs. and almost all school failed.
    Very few of these english people are university educated. In fact England is a nation of plumbers and fitters. It is a progression from piracy and shop keeping. It shows in their accent that almost all of english immigrants to states are from plumber and fitter class. But they pose otherwise. they have created an accent only to show to Americans that they can sometimes Talk posh but it is a put on. actually they become posh only after they have milked America and taken jobs which would otherwise have gone to Americans. Besides their so called posh themselves have graduated from Pirates-turned _so called gentleman class. The upper class of England always have been pirate c*m shopkeeper class. England never had aristocracy in the same the word aristocrat means. Aristocracy is in Italy, in Spain, In Germany, in France and other European nations. But the one country -england which never had true aristocracy talks a lot about that to impress Americans. Example-in all European countries There is a word to describe a lower member( let us say a starting point) of aristocracy-A Man who is mounted on a horse. Chevalier in French and Caballero in Spanish means exactly that. A man on horse. So is it in all European languages. but not in english. The equivalent word knight is not derived from horse
    .It has been artificially given the same meaning. The reason is simple. In England there has never been a class of blood’s (though they talk most of all people about it). Anybody could be and can be given entrance to their so called aristocracy. Mostly Pirates turned shopkeepers have been favourites to receive knighthood. It is not true of only pirate queen Elizabeth1 but is has been much before that bandit queen and it is true even today. The point is important. Because by giving false propaganda that they somehow have class they have gained entrance into Hollywood and shaped much of today’s American thinking. In fact enlish people declare themselves classy in england usually they have earned a lot a money in Hollywood. It is america which improves their class and not vice-versa as they would like Americans to believe. There is another word (or lack of it)
    which shows that English race never had class. In all European languages there is an equivalent word for` `Bonn Appetite“. Not in english. Because even after last 200 hundred years of ill-gotten money the English race never developed class to appreciate good food. In the same way english language( u.k.) has a lot of word for sensational and secretive kind but very few words to describe finer things in Life like Philosophy, arts, etc. The point being made is that English people must be prohibited from coming to States to get employment in lucrative jobs when their are more better qualified people in States and elsewhere. Because England is not only controlling American foreign policy but also it’s domestic and economic policies.
    Interference in American Film industry.
    british infiltration — How this state of affairs have come about Why is a Hollywood film industry become an employment avenue for English parasites Why for example even in a sci-fiction film is it necessary to employ 3 to 4 Enlish voice over The provisos point about english race being one and only one in Europe without real blooded aristocracy was given for this very reason. Even TONY Curtis once said as to why is a high Roman supposed to speak in enlish accent and can not in american accent. These english parasites insinuated themselves in Hollywood and started this propaganda( first in background and later openly) that Romans, old Christians etc all need english accent. They did to evict the american from important positions and secondly to get the job themselves. Ho w this came about Because it has been so entrenched (thanks to english propaganda) that to unravel it we can see a few recent examples and than we will go to Past.
    other industry—- The same thing that the english race did in Hollywood ,it did recently in computer industry 2 years ago

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