Mattress Tag Law Possible Excuse for Government Intrusion?

Sometimes here at Common Sense Conspiracy we have a slow news day and decide to turn to the mailbag.  We receive dozens of emails daily and it is hard sometimes to find time to respond to each and every one.  Our curious readers often ask us questions that require a lot of research to give an educated answer to.  Today, however, we decided to take a moment to address one particularly unusual suggestion by a loyal reader.

You've seen it.  Is this really the government's "Golden Ticket" into your home?
You’ve seen it. Is this really the government’s “Golden Ticket” into your home?

Our reader, who wished to be anonymous, posed this question:

“Could the Mattress Tag Law be a way for the government to have instant access to your home?  If it came down to it, could they enter your home to check and make sure your mattress still has its tag, leading to further searches?”

Well, it’s an interesting question, at least.

We’ve all seen it.  Those pesky tags on the outside fringe of the mattress that make all kind of threats about how removing the tag is illegal, a federal offense, and punishable by all sorts of nasty consequences.  It’s kind of a running joke; people can’t help but laugh at this really over-the-top declaration by something as innocent and trivial as a tag on a mattress.  But in an age where the government and specifically the NSA are under heavy scrutiny for their surveillance tactics, it’s only natural that some of you out there might start to get a little paranoid about even things like mattress tags.  So, partly because it’s just a fun topic, and partly because it does have a certain implication if you really think about it, we decided to address the so-called “Mattress Tag Law.”

It is indeed illegal to take the tag off of a mattress.  We won’t bore you with the actual federal document outlining the code surrounding mattress tags, but the bottom line is that the tag is not to be removed for a couple of reasons.  One is to prove that the mattress is new.  Now you might be scratching your head wondering how that works, because if you can’t take the tag off within the law, then why would it prove that it was new?  After all, theoretically it should always have the tag, right?  More on that in a second.  The second reason is that mattress tags often include important information, like what kind of material the mattress is made of and stuffed with.  This may seem inconsequential to you, but in a litigious society where anything under the sun can get your drug into court, it’s perfectly reasonable that someone allergic to a material might happily turn around and sue the mattress company for making them sick.  To avoid this, and just help people be in the know, it was decided that the easiest way to “keep it real” with mattresses is to require businesses to leave the tags intact.

The law specifically points out that it only applies to someone selling the mattress as a new, unused product.  The consumer that purchases the mattress then owns it, and most certainly can legally remove the tag if they so wish.  When the tag shouts out all of these threats, it is really directed at the company that is selling the mattress to you, not the actual purchaser.

Lift those sheets!  Don't make us say it again!
Lift those sheets! Don’t make us say it again!

So, in recap, if you buy a mattress and remove the tag, the Feds aren’t going to be kicking your door down anytime soon.  However, if you decide to sell the mattress to someone and don’t reveal what the mattress is made of, you too might be the subject of a lawsuit in the future.  But will the government be using the Mattress Tag Law as an excuse for unwarranted searches and seizures?

We’re guessing probably not.  After all, they can do that easily enough with plenty of other things, like looking for guns, martial law, and, well, let’s just say that if Big Bad Brother wants to come in your house, they don’t really have to dream up things like the Mattress Tag Law to do it.  So, should you be paranoid that the government will be breaking in your home to check your mattress?  No, not really.  Should you be paranoid that the government might be breaking into your home for other reasons?  Well, yeah.  You don’t read sites like Common Sense Conspiracy because you believe the government is your friend, do you?

So, in closing, we leave you with these words of wisdom:


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  1. I never thought that there are mattress tag law in other countries. Well, I agree with you that just leave the tag in your mattress. There’s nothing wrong if you will just leave it there. don’t exert extra effort just to remove. I think the tag was placed there because it has a purpose.

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