Kerry Says Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria is “Undeniable” — Russia Says Obama is Just Like Bush

Secretary of State John Kerry said today that the evidence the United States now has makes the accusation that Syria used chemical weapons against its own people undeniable.  He also squarely blames the attacks on the Syrian government.  When asked if there was any chance that the attacks could have been staged by the rebels to entice United States involvement, John Kerry dismissed this possibility as if someone asked him if he believed in ghosts or unicorns.

In our article a few days ago that can be seen on our front page right now, we outlined why it makes little or no sense for the Syrian government to have brought this hell upon themselves in this fashion.  But our officials say it must be so, so the war drums are beating.

Russia has now issued a warning to the U.S. to back off, even as the American military makes preparations for a potential strike.  An unidentified Russian lawmaker even went so far as to say that President Obama is just a clone of George W. Bush and just manufacturing another war as was presumably done in the war in Iraq.

Russia needs to watch their back, though, because now that the honorable John Kerry has told us in his own words that everything is on the up and up, there really is no disputing the truth from here right?