Johnny Manziel Ineligible to Play in 2013? Investigation Brings New “Heisman Curse”

The fabled “Heisman curse” used to mean that when a play won the coveted Heisman Trophy, they always fell flat on their face the next year (assuming they were an underclassman and did not go professional).  Or at the very least, they won the trophy and then lost their bowl game.  For the record, that last part is not really as prevalent as those that purvey the curse make it out to be.  After all, Mark Ingram, RGIII, Johnny Manziel, and Cam Newton all went on to win their bowl games no problem.  With Johnny Manziel, there is a new era of the “Heisman curse” manifesting.  Now, it means that after you win, you are mired in scandal.

Did "Johnny Football" already play his last down?
Did “Johnny Football” already play his last down?

Johnny Manziel had one of the most amazing rises to prominence in college football history.  Then, in the off-season following securing the most prestigious award in college football, he has constantly been scrutinized by the media.  And with good reason.  From YouTube videos of him getting thrown out of frat parties to his fiasco at a quarterback camp hosted by the First Family of Football, the Mannings, Johnny has been known a lot more for this offseason for anything but being a remarkable performer on the field.  But all of that scandal might have reached its highest point this Sunday.  Now, the NCAA is investigating Johnny for accepting huge payments for autographs and pictures.  And yes, it could be the kind of investigation that leads to him being declared ineligible for the 2013 football season.

What do you think?  Is this a witch hunt for Manziel?  How do you view this against “Scam” Newton from Auburn’s team just a couple of years ago?  Will we see a similar result?

One thing is certain.  This is another brick in the wall, and you won’t stop hearing about it throughout the college football season, whether Manziel plays or not.