Hotel Rooms for Illegal Immigrants — Your Taxpayer Dollars at Work in Asylum Movement

It’s a movement of sorts.  Somewhere in Mexico, someone has found a legal loophole to make it a heck of a lot easier for people to waltz right into the United States of America.  In fact, not only can they find their way in, but they might even get some fine free accommodations why they wait.

It turns out that the word has gotten around that if you simply claim that you are fleeing your country to seek asylum, you automatically get an asylum hearing from the government and you can basically live in America free and clear while you wait.  And the requirements for getting asylum status are pretty low.  As a matter of fact, simply claiming that you fear for your life and your family because of the violence of Mexican drug cartels is enough to get you on the list.

borderhealthcommisionstudyarea1 for web1Authorities are certain that the sudden influx of asylum requests from Mexican would-be illegal immigrants is being organized by someone, perhaps in a purposeful attempt to flood the system.  It’s working.  Processing centers are overcrowded, and Immigration and Customs employees are working overtime to try to deal with the situation.  And get this, America.  Since the processing centers can’t keep up with the demand and there isn’t enough room in the inn, the taxpayers of the United States are paying for hotel rooms to house asylum-seeking Mexican immigrants until they can get to them.  And we’re not talking the roach motel, people.  Reports say that some of these rooms are over a hundred bucks a night.

The situation is getting so dire that some people are calling for some sort of emergency government intervention to change policy to either eliminate the loophole or foster a whole different solution.  Of course, this all comes against the backdrop of the American government trying to decide what to do with the flood of illegal immigrants already here and coming over the border every day.  It turns out that they have even more problems than they thought, and it’s getting worse by the day.

And for those of you that say, “Well, it’s legal so they can do it if they want to,” you are absolutely right.  However, keep in mind that sources inside the ICE have told mainstream media sources that the real b**tch of it all is that the asylum-seeking immigrants usually don’t provide accurate information about themselves and don’t show up for their hearing that they asked for when it comes around.  Makes sense, right?  It’s an easy way to cross the border without fear of arrest, and then why show up at the hearing?  I mean, if you don’t win, you’re going to be shipped back to Mexico.  By the time the hearing actually turns up in our well-oiled machine of a judicial system, you have had plenty of time to become entrenched in the community, get a job, and start a life that no longer really requires the legitimacy of citizenship.  Why bother and take the chance on being told your asylum request wasn’t granted?

It’s a scam, people, and it’s really that simple.  And American taxpayers are the real losers, as is almost always the case.  In the meantime, our government is sparing no resource in their attempts to get their own asylum-seeker Edward Snowden snatched out of Russia.  We almost can’t keep a straight face in our American hypocrisy these days.