Google Pressure Cookers and Backpacks in the Same Day, Expect a Knock on the Door

Well, in case you weren’t already aware of this, the government can pretty much watch anything you are doing.  This happy couple found out firsthand accidentally when six law enforcement officials knocked on their door inquiring about their Internet searches of the last 24 hours.  Turns out the wife had been looking for a perfectly legal pressure cooker, and the husband had been looking for a perfectly legal backpack.

We’ll let this wonderful guy read his computer teleprompter if you really need to know more, but what did we learn?

  • If you Google “backpack” and “pressure cooker,” the government will know it and may even go as far as to physically arrive at your door to further investigate.
  • These search terms are two common household items that just happened to be used in the execution of the Boston Marathon Bombings.
  • The government does indeed have the capabilities that Edward Snowden accused them of (key entry recordings) just yesterday.
  • The government is probably really uncovering some serious terror plots, considering this is what they look for.  If a terrorist today is seriously looking up these two keywords to hatch a plot, then they are the dumbest terrorists of all time.  And unlike criminals, most terror plots have been anything but dumb.

Anyway, enjoy this guy’s coma-inducing narrative…oh well, sometimes it’s just easier and more entertaining to let someone else tell the story.