Facial Profiling — Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson Says Profiling Isn’t Just For Blacks and Mexicans

When I say the word profiling, what pops into your mind.  Cops executing a stop-and-frisk on an innocent black male in New York City?  Arizona’s police pulling over a guy and asking for his green card just because he appeared Hispanic?  How about George Zimmerman getting on that neighborhood watch?

Get thee hence, White Trash!
Get thee hence, White Trash!

It’s true.  Profiling, ironically enough, is stereotyped in and of itself.  It’s a lot like the word racism in America… most people think of white people being that way toward black people.  It hardly ever comes up in the reverse.  Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson made headlines today on a morning talk show when he revealed that he had been “face profiled” himself.

Apparently, the star of the hit A&E reality show, was escorted out of a fancy New York City hotel because a member of the staff decided by the looks of him that he was not the kind of clientele they wanted to be serving.  He asked for the bathroom, and instead, was escorted to the street and told good luck on finding a restroom elsewhere.

What does it all mean?  Is this as bad as some of the examples above?  Probably not.  But it does clarify an interesting point that we address sometimes here on Common Sense Conspiracy from time to time.  These words that the mainstream media bombards us with day after day are general terms in reality.  Everyone is profiled at some point in their lives.  Everyone is a victim of racism.  Everyone encounters some form of bullying and has to learn how to deal with it.  Does that make it right?  No, not at all.  But it does mean that we can’t profile when we decide which group needs help.