Cross Jesus Christ Was Crucified On Discovered in Turkey?

In what will no doubt be a heavily scrutinized claim, archaeologists in Turkey are claiming that they have found the actual cross that Christianity’s central figure Jesus Christ was crucified on over 2,000 years ago.  The cross was found inside a stone chest discovered during an excavation at a church that is known to be at least 1,350 years old.  There were other relics besides just the cross that lead the team to believe they had found the most famous cross in the world.

Not just any old cross, these archaeologists say.
Not just any old cross, these archaeologists say.

There isn’t a lot of information for exactly why the researchers believe that it must be the cross of Jesus Christ himself that they have found.  These sorts of finds come up quite frequently.  It wasn’t that long ago that archaeologists claimed to have found Noah’s Arc as well.  It is quite common for these organizations to bring publicity (and no doubt monetary contributions) by proclaiming way too early that they have found something so significant.  Our official theory is that after some serious testing, they will discover that this was some notable figure in the church that was crucified, but probably not Jesus Christ himself for a variety of reasons.  As fascinating as that discovery would be, it’s just hard to believe that anything related to the most famous person ever on Earth (regardless of whether you believe in him religiously or just in terms of being a real person) would have sat in a chest this long and no one would ever have said a word or recorded it in history anywhere.  Naturally, tests are being run on it.  Expect it to get swept under the rug in a few days time and you will never hear anything else about it again.  It is also possible that the person that packed it away really believed it was the cross of the crucifixion of Christ, and maybe left clues indicating it was when it is still terribly unlikely to be authentic.  In any case, time will tell.  It’s certainly interesting, but we wouldn’t recommend any Christians ringing up their atheist friends to rub their face in it anytime soon.

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