Could the Syrian Chemical Attack Allegations Be a False Flag Operation In and Of Itself?

The international community is slowly but surely increasing its condemnation of Syria after reports have come to light that the Syrian government may have unleashed a chemical weapons attack on its own people.  The story is making the rounds in the media, but it has not been confirmed by any source that matters.  The story doesn’t even have concrete numbers.  The mostly anonymous reports indicate that anywhere from 213 to 1200 people may have been killed in the supposed chemical attack in the suburbs of Damascus.  There is an investigation going on, and France has now openly said that force should be used once the attack is confirmed.  They even went that extra George W. Bush-esque mile by saying that if the United Nations won’t do anything, they should consider other options.

If chemical weapon attacks are the "line" then it looks like we might be in for a new war.
If chemical weapon attacks are the “line” then it looks like we might be in for a new war.

With us so far?  Now, remember, the crisis in Syria right now is controversial enough back in America.  Common Sense Conspiracy has reported on the situation in Syria plenty of times, and of particular interest is the fact that Al Qaeda rebels are actually opposing the government.  Ironically enough, the United States has expressed support for the rebels.  So, sickeningly enough, the United States is once again supporting its enemy Al Qaeda in one pursuit, while it still continues to wage war against them in other countries.  Last year, President Obama said that when it came to Syria, the line in the sand for when the international community would have no choice but to become involved was the use of chemical weapons.

As you can see, it appears that the line in the sand has been crossed, and it is only a matter of time before President Obama weighs in on the American standpoint on the chemical attacks in Syria.  Our question is why now?  The situation in Syria is no better or worse than it has been.  Surely the Syrian government is aware that the use of chemical weapons is the only thing standing in between its being trampled by foreign governments.  And not just any foreign governments, but those that completely are the opposite of everything they believe in, from politics to religion to culture.

Our hypothesis:  maybe the Al Qaeda rebels either unleashed the chemical attack or made it up altogether to provoke the United States and other countries to stop just verbally supporting their cause and actually get with them in the trenches.  We know that Al Qaeda certainly is not above torching some people to make a point, and we know that the international community is chomping at the bit to find a good enough palatable public reason to get involved and topple the regime.

Does it not make more sense that Al Qaeda might have perpetrated such an attack (regardless of whether you wish to go that extra step and say that other governments were involved as well) and blamed it on the Syrian government rather than accept that Syria decided to do something to cut its own throat?  Or are they just too belligerent or proud to care?

One thing is for certain.  Something is boiling with this, and there is a huge doldrum in the conspiracy community right now because, well, things are really quiet.  Too quiet, we say.  Something is being drummed up here, and we predict that this issue, mostly quiet now for months, will take center-stage in the days and weeks to come, especially as we approach September 11, always a somber day for Americans, but even more so this particular year because it will mark not just the 12th anniversary of the attacks, but also the one year anniversary of the Benghazi situation that has plagued the Obama administration ever since.

The media of course will paint the Syrian government the obvious cause of this.  And in a lot of ways, they are probably right.  Don’t think for a minute that Common Sense Conspiracy is advocating the Syrian government with this theory we are putting forth for debate?  The nature of the government is beside the point.  We are simply making the hypothesis that the “reason” given when we invade Syria may be a lot like the good ‘ole WMD’s of George W. Bush.  It doesn’t have to be real, as long as it gets Americans to halfway accept that their sons and daughters are off to fight in a foreign land again for a worthy cause.  That’s all it has to accomplish, and it will be interesting to see how well America accepts another Iraq War from Barack Obama.