Common Sense Conspiracy Experiences Technical Difficulties — Our Apologies and We are Back and Better Than Ever

Common Sense Conspiracy has been fortunate to hardly ever experience any problems with our server in the past several years. However, over the last two days, we have had some serious technical difficulties that left our site unreachable for hours at a time.
The root of the problem came from a change in the way that Common Sense Conspiracy is hosted. Due to ever-growing traffic, we had no choice but to upgrade our servers. This is a good problem to have, of course, and we are thankful to our loyal readers that made this necessary and possible. However, in the precarious business of transferring from one server to another, some things got off kilter, and it took almost two days to get us back in the game. Rest assured, today we are 100% back online and look forward to plenty of articles coming your way later this evening.
We apologize for the problems and hopefully they are behind us now. Thanks again to our readers for sticking with us.


The Common Sense Conspiracy Staff