Christian Bale Offered $50 Million to Play Batman Again — Creative Integrity on Display?

Despite the fact that the final installment of the latest Batman series was a major stinking turd (even more disappointing coming off the pure genius of the second film), we like Christian Bale.  Why?  Because he played one of the most prestigious roles in the comic book pantheon and yet, still managed to be pretty down-to-earth.  We remember praising him when the Aurora shootings happened at the premiere of his last film as Batman.  He could not have been a better guy in that situation, and he put some positive stigma on one that will always be attached to that film thanks to the fateful events that night in Colorado.

Bale says "No Bat Time, No Bat Channel!"
Bale says “No Bat Time, No Bat Channel!”

Now, Christian is being offered $50 million flat to don the Batman suit one more time to play the dark hero in yet another comic book movie slated to pit Batman against Superman.  So far, Bale has balked.

It’s phenomenal.  The man could receive $50 million for playing a role that can only all too easy for him now.

Will he actually make a step in the interest of artistic integrity even in the face of that kind of money?

Personally, the biggest conspiracy in Hollywood these days is the fact that they have no original material or have no desire to pursue the ones they have.  That’s why we are greeted with the next comic book hero movie down the pipeline or Fast and Furious 23.  If Christian Bale thinks $50 million isn’t enough to just revisit the same old stomping ground, we think that could be a renaissance movement for Hollywood.  What do you think?  Will he stick to his guns?  Or is he holding out for $75 million?  Does he need $1 million per day like Bruce Willis?

All this drama and they can’t even bring us an original movie.